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We at Semper Fi BBQ handle all the great food, so you can enjoy your day.  We (upon request) supply everything needed for your special day. Your wedding day will be remembered by all.  Just ask yourself "when has wedding food, been memorable?" Our weddings are unforgettable.

up to 350 people

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With such an important time in a young adults life, why stress over the duties of putting together a feast?  We at Semper Fi BBQ will put together an unbeatable collection of awesome food.  We know the young adults enjoy the display of equipment, how it runs and produces the best BBQ around.  Their day, your day, will be unforgettable.



It's your (or special others) Birthday Party. Why bother doing all the work? Hire us and we will take care of the rest. We have done themed parties such as Hawaiian, Jamaican and limited Vegan parties.



At Semper Fi BBQ we are open to any type of event. I can operate 24/7. Have a work party in mind?, Third shifters need to eat too. I do a few charity events a year. I support all the Vets, Police, First Responders, West Bend Children's Theatre . . . have something in mind? Reach out to us.

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Rick Budnik   |   3937 Wildlife Court   |   Slinger, WI 53086   |   (262) 224-4981  |   ​© 2021 by Semper Fi BBQ

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